Fast and convenient cleaning.

"After I learn how to use it, I don't want another one. Simply Mop helps me clean faster and better. I clean and drain in one step, and I don't have to touch the mop at all. It's a great innovation.Susan R.M.

🌀The peace of mind of more hygienic cleaning, dirt remains in the bucket after rinsing and squeezing. Do not need to touch the mop. 

🌀Reduces cleaning time by up to 35% on average. 

More time for yourself. 

🌀Don't make unnecessary efforts. Drain and clean the mop with one hand.

🌀2 WASHABLE MOPS INCLUDED.FREE (Value $12)A year, of free refills



Simply Mop System + 2 Pads



Simply Mop System + 6 Pads

Simply Mop System + 6 Pads


We offer you incredible savings for a limited time. Get our excellent mop refills at 50% off. You'll have more then two years of refills.




2 Simply Mop System + 12 Pads

If you want to spend less time cleaning in your business, take advantage of the professional pack with two units of Simply Mop and two kits of 6 refills 




cleans and drains the mop without ever having to touch it!

 The bucket features a draining and rinsing system, which means your mop is always clean, dry, and ready to use.Plus, you control the water that’s left on the mop, allowing you to customize the mop for your specific cleaning needs.

What do our customers say?


Love dogs and cats


I've got two Beagles and a Persian cat that gives off a lot of hair. I indeed had to get used to using Simply Mop, but now it is an incredible help. I can clean the paw prints and hairs several times a day because it doesn't take long and it's very comfortable. My husband hates to clean the floor, and now he does it with pleasure. Clean in half the time, thank you.

 Tracy R.


Great product!

This cleaning system is AMAZING! I thought it would be bigger, but it's not necessary. Easy to transport from room to room. Just what I need - I love it!. I control the humidity of the mop and it's good for the floors in my house, which are made of wood and tiles.

Chloe M.


My secret 

This is how I clean quickly and the floors are perfect. Simply Mop is a great invention that helps me do the cleaning faster. It's easy to use, I wring and rinse with one hand, it's amazing, and it can be stored anywhere in the house.

Julie T.


Easy. Lightweight and drys floors quicker than any product I have used

No heavy container, no soaking wet floor, and no putting muddy water back on the floor. I emptied my bucket after doing one fast sweep over the kitchen floor and put fresh water. 

Olivia L.


Superb for cleaning laminate flooring which isn't supposed to get too wet

Awesome for cleaning Quickstep laminate flooring which isn't supposed to get too wet. This is the best floor washing kit I have ever purchased.


Sophia B.


Good as i expected, best customer service

I have to mention the excellent customer service. Mop fit right and doesn't require any effort, slide in and out smoothly even when is soaked. I strongly recommend 



Willow R.

Transparency statement

3 commitments for your peace of mind.

🌀 If the product arrives damaged we will replace it for a new one.  

🌀 If you are not happy with the product we will refund your money. No questions asked

🌀 We send the tracking code to you and to the payment method you used. So in case of complaint you have a clear reference and everything is easier for you.

Simply Mop Specifications

One of the features most required by our customers of the previous version of Simply Mop, is to have a bucket of large capacity but small dimensions, to be manageable, this is what Simply Mop offers.

🌀 High: 15.8 inch // 40 cm.

🌀 Width: 8.6 inch // 22 cm.

🌀 Deep: 7 inch // 18 cm.

🌀 Number of chambers: 2

🌀 Capacity : 1.32 gal (5 L) // 1,1 gal (4.2 L)

🌀 Weight full: 11.2 lbs // (5.1 kg)

🌀 Mop Width: 4.7 inch //12 cm.


🌀 Mop Length: 12.9 inch // 33 cm.

What makes Simply Mop different?

Imagine cleaning with a mop that doesn't spread dirt. The new wringing and drying system deposits dirt in the bucket. It is isolated and does not return to the floor as it happens with a traditional mop.

Our new system is very compact and light. The new design of Simply Mop allows you to store it almost anywhere.The Simply Mop draining system makes the microfiber mop release up to 80% of the absorbed liquid.

 This multiplies its retention capacity and therefore reduces working time.

Absorbent, Washable & Reusable Mop Pads

The Simply Mop comes with 2 Nano-Fiber Mop Pads, that are completely washable and reusable.

New Design, Better Features

🌀The Simply Mop rotates 180º allowing to work under and around the furniture.

🌀More compact, to facilitate handling and storage

🌀New material made with a polymer that is more resistant to knocks and falls.

🌀You will make less effort because it slides very easily. 

🌀The draining and drying system is easy, can be used with one hand.

🌀Improvement of the efficiency of the draining and drying system.

🌀Since it is always dry, it has greater absorption power. 

🌀You save time and effort. 

Helps you save on water and cleaning products.


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Product questions

What are the improvements of the new model?

this new design.More compact, to facilitate handling and storage. We know that space is a problem. The bucket is 40 cm high (15,7 inches) . 5 liters in each compartment.

Material made with a polymer that is more resistant to knocks and falls.

Ergonomic improvement in the handle for a more comfortable handling.

Improvement of the efficiency of the draining and drying system.

What are the dimensions of the new Simply Mop model?  

The pad mop: 33 cm. length , 12 cm. width

The bucket measures 40cm high and has a capacity of 5 liters in each compartment.

How many mop replacements does it include?

Current offer includes 2 mop replacements. These refills are washable and allow one year's use without buying new refills. 

If you need more, you can buy them in our online shop.

Are there two parts? One for washing the mop and another for drying the mop?

It has two tanks, one for the water and the other for draining, so that the dirt stays in the water and does not return to the ground. It is a very comfortable and efficient system.

Can you use this mop on ceramic tile flooring?

Yes, you can use on ceramic floor

Does this mop leave streaks?

Our mops are made of high quality microfiber and do not leave streaks

Can I use my regular cleaning product?

Yes, you can use any product suitable for your floor.

Shipping questions

When should my order arrive?

Simply Mop ships all products directly from its factories. For household products the normal shipping is free, this includes the new model of Simply Mop. For professional products it is necessary to contact our logistics department. 

Thanks to a global framework agreement all our products are shipped with the ,Royal Mail, USPS,DHL, UPS, PostNL, Postnord and Poste Italiane.

We normally deliver our products within 9 to 12 working days. In the case of Simply Mop, which is our best-selling product, the delivery can be between 9 and 24 days.

Don't worry, 90% of our shipments are delivered within 15 days of your order.

COVID-19 UPDATE *Due to the current pandemic, some orders may experience delays. We expect most orders to be delivered within the next 2-4 weeks. Any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us - we are here for you during this time of uncertainty. 

If you have any questions about the shipment, please contact us at 

We also offer international shipping options, no matter where you are, you can shop with us!

How much does shipping cost?

We want you to try and enjoy our products, that's why we take care of the shipping costs, it's easy the shipping costs are FREE.

Can I track my order?

Of course you can! Between 5 and 10 days after placing your order, you will receive an email from our production line with your tracking code.It may not be active at the same time, may take between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the office that manages it.If you have any questions, you can write to us at